We care about the wellbeing of our younger guests

Perhaps it’s because we feel kids ourselves to some extent and because we’ve had so many children in our own family, that we do everything to guarantee maximum safety and comfort for your children, offering a range of services thought out specifically for them.

Our services suitable for Child:

  • A private fenced open air garden
  • Inside the Hotel a Baby Corner, with colours and colouring books, baby sofas and chairs and lots of toys and games
  • A dedicated warm shallow pool with lots of inflatables
  • Bicycles for mum and dad with baby chairs
  • Baby-sitting service (for a fee)
  • Baby Menu and early restaurant opening
  • Snacks by the pool and in the garden every afternoon
  • Direct access to the beach from the Hotel garden
  • A family paediatrician for any health questions or doubts you may have or… for a baby dose of paracetamol! (for a fee)